Truncate Large Tables In Mysql
Large tables in mysql can be very slow to truncate, but this process can be easily made quicker.
See Table Sizes In Mysql
How to see the size of all tables in the database.
Get Mysql Database Size
SQL queries you can run to get the Size of MySQl Databases
Remove Lines Containing String From File
How to remove lines from a file which match a search parameter
Apache Virtualhost To Point All Subdomains To Https
VirtualHost template for directing all traffic on HTTP (Port 80) to HTTPS (443)
Generating A Wildcard Cert For Debian 8 And Apache
How to quickly generate a wildcard SSL Cert on a Debian System
Bash Cli Download Speed Test
A bash script to allow monitoring of downloads speeds.
Using Javascript To Search Content On Page
A peice of javascript to allow easy searching of content on the current page
Blocking Access To Port For All Ips Except One
How to only allow one IP to access a port on a linux server using iptables
Add Swap File On Linux
How to add a swapfile to linux based system or vps.
Find And Delete Directories Over Certain Age
Using the find command to find directories and delete them over a certain age.
Checking Mysql Database Exists From Cli
How to check if a datbase exists from the command line.
Using Non Default Php Version On Plesk Server Cli
How to actually run scripts in a plesk server with the correct PHP Version.
Single Line Sftp Copy
How to copy a file over sftp in one line
Delete All Local Branches Except Current
How to delete all local branches in a git repository except current
See The Size Of Tables In Mysql
How to view the size of each table within a database.
Creating A New Table From Dataset In Mysql
How to put the results of a select query into a seperate table.
Finding Program Hogging Port
How to locate and kill a process which is hogging a port on the server.
Proxy Traffic To Another Domain Using Htaccess
How to pipe all traffing from one domain to another one whilst not changing the visible domain
Unblock An Ip Blocked By Fail2ban
Instructions on unbanning an IP which has been blocked by Fail2Ban.
Bulk Reneame File Extentions In Bash
Using Bash to bulk rename file extentions
Password Zip File In Php
How to add a file to a zipped archive protected with a password
Transferring Data Between Tables In Mysql
Transferring data between tables using an SQL query rather.
Converting The Pound Symbol
Snippet for using the GBP symbol in areas where its not supported
Enable Passwordless Sudo For User
How to enable a specific user to use the sudo command without entering their password
Transfer Ssh Keys From Github To Server
One line command to download public keys from GitHub and Append them to the authorized_keys file for simple server access
Fix For Apache2 Crashing With Could Not Grab The Accept Mutex
Fix for when the Apache2 service repeatedly crashes due to not being able to find the Mutex.
Get Size Of Tables In Mysql
Listing out the size of all the tables in a mysql database.
Extracting Gzipped Sql File In Linux
A simple command to extract the sql file from an sql.gz extention
Force Website To Http Or Https
Redirecting a website from http to https or https to http.
Get The Date Of A Commit In Git
How to Get the Date and Time of when a commit was made in git.
Mysql Workbench Disable Safemode
How to disable Safe Mode in MySQL Workbench
Introducing The Input Class
Release Announcement for the Input Class
How To Administer User Accounts In Mysql
Several commands for adding and modifying users in a mysql database.
Changing The Format Of A Date In Php Using Datetime
Code snippet to convert a date using the DateTime class in PHP.
Find Tables By Column Name In Mysql Database
Code snippet to find what tables contain a specific column within a mysql database.
Using A Custom Domain With Google Mail For Free
In this article we are looking at how we can use a custom domain for our email addresses whilst using the popular webmail GMail without having to pay for the benefit.
Amazon Turns Echo Dots Into Paperweight
Amazon has Broken Alexa, or at least the App. With recent updates, Alexa has managed to cripple the Alexa Experience for many of its loyal customers.
Introducing The Article Class
Article, is a class which interacts with files in the disk and returning them in a simple to use format.
How To Get Postman On Screen
How to get the Postman application (and others with similar issue) back on the screen in windows 10.
Search Added
Releasing a small update to the portfolio in the form of a search.
Php Class Datastore
DataStore is a class which uses the directory and file structure of a filesystem to store and manipulate information. It does so using unique indentifiers for folder names and .dat files to hold the content of fields.
Install Ubuntu Bionic Beaver On A Usb
How to install Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) to a USB.
Webpi Rpi Web Ui Update
As the WebPi UI is going to be a lighweight base for future projects, a small but important change has been made to the core code.
Importing And Exporting Mysql Database With Progress Bar
How to import and export large MYSQL Databses with Progress Bar.
Creating A Bootable Usb On Linux
How to create a bootable USB drive from an iso file on linux.
Webpi Modular Directory
A minor changes has been added to the WebPi UI to allow future expandability.
Creating A Bootable Usb On Windows
How to create a bootable USB drive from an iso file on windows.
Transfering Files With Scp
Using SCP you can transfer files easily between one computer and another where ssh is available. This article is reference notes on how to use scp.
Redirect All Requests Through One File
How to redirect all not existing content requests to a specific file in a directory.
Webpi Gets An Upgrade
A small upgrade to with the addition of a blog.
Introducing Web Pi The Raspberry Pi Web Interface
Introducing Web Pi, the Web User Interface for interacting with your raspberry Pi.
Throw Away Local Commits Using Git
Sometimes you make commits locally in error and sometimes they can be a pain to get rid of, here are a few ways to do so.
Using A Raspberry Pi To Monitor Internet Speeds
When diagnosing internet and network connectivity, having a way to monitor issues over time is important. Here we will look at how to periodically log up and down speeds of the network.
Booting Raspberry Pi From Usb
Boot Raspberry Pi from USB The standard way of using a Raspberry Pi is to run the OS from a micro sd card. The problem with this is that the SD Card has limited read and writes, which will cause the SD to fail in a short period of time, especially if you write to files frequently.
Using Squash To Tidy Commits
How to tidy up a branch with multiple nonsence commits into one commit
Installing Php 7.2 On Debian 8 Jessie And Debian 9 Stretch
Previously I wrote an article on how to install PHP 7.2 on Debian 8, since 7.2 is now available here is how to install 7.2
Using Wildcards In Virtual Hosts On Apache
Virtual hosts in apache take incoming requests and point them to the correct directory. Here we will look into using wildcards to automate sub domains.
Compressing A Directory On Linux
When backing up or transferring directories between computers its best to do so by compressing them in an archive to reduce space / bandwidth.
Ssh Tunnel To Database
Procedure snippet for connecting to a database through an SSH Tunnel. Used for local development requiring live data.
Easy Install Ssl Certificate On Linux For Https
Recently changed to having self hosted SSL Certificates thanks to LetsEncrypt. This is how easy it can be.
Accessing Files Between Windows And Wsl
When using Windows Subsystem for Linux, you might need to access one operating systems files within another. Lets work out both ways.
My Adventure Migrating Back To Windows
I have had linux as my primary OS for about a decade now, and primarily use Ubuntu. But with the latest release I have decided to migrate back to an OS I generally dislike, Windows 10.
Quick Fix For Git Corrupt Index
Quick fix for the bad signature , index file corrupt error in Git.
Disable Error Reporting In Ubuntu
Ubuntu comes with a program called Apport, which is designed to inform the user where the system has detected a problem, or if a program has crashed. Although it is a well intended program, it gets in the way and is rather annoying, especially when it does not give you much information about the problem, or the problem which triggered it is of no real concern.
Using Dell Dock With Ubuntu
Over the years I have found my way around many minor hurdles when using Ubuntu, the most recent being Using the **DELL ULTRAHD 4K USB 3.0 DOCKING STATION (D3100)**.
How To Install Php 7.1 On Debian 8
I recently wrote a similar article for Ubuntu, but here is how to install on Debian 8.
How To Install And Setup Vagrant
Vagrant is a powerful tool when it comes to virtual machines, here we will look at how to setup and use Vagrant with Virtualbox on Ubuntu to provision reproducible virtual machines.
Installing Php 7.1 On Ubuntu
Ubuntu always lags behind with the software available in its repo's for security reasons, but if you need the latest version of PHP you need to look at other reputable repositories.
Passwordless Login Using Ssh Keys
Here we look at how to generate SSH Keys and Copy them to servers to enable secure but pass-wordless login.
Install Ubuntu 16.04 Persistently On A Usb Drive
In this article we are going to cover how to install a linux distro to a USB Drive that allows you to use the usb drive as you would normally use the devices hard disk.
Why I Rebuilt My Website
Why i rebuilt my website. As part of its life-cycle, this website has undergone a rebuild on top of a new framework and the addition of some new features.