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Creating A New Table From Dataset In Mysql

Posted on Thursday 2nd January 2020

I recently had to work on converting a copy of a large mysql database into a smaller development database. One of the early problems I had was one table had over 2 million rows, and I only needed a handful for testing. The easiest way i found to do this task was to create a new table with just the records I needed. Then swap them around.

MySQL has the nice option of creating a table directly from a select, such as the following:

create table new_table
select * from old_table;

An example of this in action would be a booking system, where you only wanted to keep bookings from 2019.

create table bookings_2019;
select * from bookings WHERE date >= '2019-01-01' and date < '2020-01-01';

In my instance I only would want the new records, so can drop the old data

DROP TABLE bookings;
ALTER TABLE `bookings_2019`
RENAME TO `bookings`;