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Truncate Large Tables In Mysql

Posted on Monday 6th July 2020

When Truncating a table, this is a slow process as each record needs to be deleted, a quicker way to achieve the same result "an empty table", is to recreate the table from the exisrting one, without all the data.

So we have a large table called example_table, we want to keep the table name, just get rid of the data, we can do this in the following simple steps

  1. Rename the origional table

         RENAME TABLE example_table TO OLD_example_table;
  2. Create the new Table

         CREATE TABLE example_table LIKE OLD_example_table;
  3. Get Rid of the Old Table

         DROP TABLE OLD_example_table;

Now you will have a new table of the same structure and name as the old one, just without all the rows.