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Why I Rebuilt My Website

Posted on Monday 21st August 2017

Why Rebuild It?

The older website was becoming stale and had a few bugs which I did not really have the time to address, and was relying on a more complex software stack than it really needed, so when I did have time to look at this site, I decided a rewrite was in order.

What was the Goal with the Rewrite

The above goals were all met by simply using a decent framework.

A Framework

I decided that using a framework would be the most important point, more for the fact that I work with lots of different code on a daily basis, that having varying custom code in my own projects made it harder to maintain.

In another article I will go through my search for my idea framework.

Eventually I decided to use phpGT as it has a low learning curve and generally gets out of the way. Favoring the idea that php drops in when needed.

The Benefits

Anything New?

New Blog

The last version of this website was the only one to not contain a blog, this was purely due to the previous sites blog being buggy. At the time not much was done on the site so it was removed. In this version though, I have opted for a different format.

Rather than having a blog powered by a MySQL Database, the one on this version of the website uses the filesystem to load and manipulate markdown files. This has been combined with the routing of the framework to make a resilient yet simple blogging platform.