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Webpi Gets An Upgrade

Posted on Monday 2nd April 2018

WebPi Blog

As part of an upgrade to the WebPi website, I decided to add a simple blog based of the one I frequently use on my personal website https://www.chris-shaw.com. To save the extra work and to keep better track of my blogging content, I have set the WebPi Blog to work in replication.

What is Replication

Rather than maintaining two blogs, I will maintain my personal blog with new categories. Articles within the weppi category will be automatically replicated here and kept current with my personal blog.

Whats will the blog be for

In short, anything WebPi Related.

Lazy Developer?

The place I feel comfortable blogging is on my portfolio, its where I keep and show off what I can do. It is also somewhere I frequent daily. Now the WebPi Website was meant more as a splash page, So to keep it up to date and to keep using my portfolio, I have opted for a replication scenario.

It also gives me more free time for working on the code rather than the content.